Fierce Fitness ATX specializes in cardio dance formats that enhance different areas of health and wellness as well as other modalities including interval/H.I.I.T workouts, indoor walking workouts, and workouts designed for Seniors, new/returning to fitness, and those rehabilitating injuries.

FIT stands for FUNctional, Intermittent and Technique. Two high-impact, high-intensity class formats focus on functional movement patterns that are proven to get results when correctly executed and classes are formatted to maximize kinesthetic and training principles to improve aerobic capacity, endurance, and functional strength. 

FunkFIT class uses Hip hop, R&B, soul and pop music to drive the moves where the focus is improving cardiovascular capacity and increasing functional strength through fun, easy-to-follow dance aerobic movement patterns and strength-training exercises.

IslandFIT classes employ the same methods as the FunkFIT classes, except the music hails from the Caribbean and includes a variety of Afro-diaspora rhythms and musical influences.

SoulGlo Is a 30 minute class that invites you to move your body to the rhythms of old school R&B, soul, and global inspirational and uplifting music in a low-impact, slower paced experience. This format is designed to help build activity into the weekend adn prepare you for the week to come! Perfect for those new or returning to fitness or desiring a short, cardio burst that is not hard on the joints.

Current Class/Workout Offerings:

  • Monday – Move Metrics (Starting the week of October 18 2020) – Movement Tutorial posted on Website
  • Tuesday – Turn up Tuesday – New Choreo Release Fierce Fitness ATX Youtube channel release at 9am Central time.
  • Wednesday – Wake up and Wine Up (Starting the week of October 18 2020) 6 am CST IslandFit live broadcast live.
  • Friday – Fired Up FierceFit live braodcast class (Starting the week of October 18 2020) 6 am CST.
  • Saturday – SaturSLAY Fierce Fitness ATX Youtube channel release at 9 am CST.
  • Sunday – SoulGlo Sunday Live Class at 6 pm CST standard time beginning Sunday, October 4th
  • Other formats and events are available and will be announced!

Information for access to premium content will be emailed, along with liability waiver upon payment for class(es).

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