All Bodies are Fiercely Celebrated Here!

I want to change your mind about fitness! I FIERCELY celebrate all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and species of people. Moving your body should be fun and joyful as all bodies are testaments to your unique story. And I want to hear it and honor it. Fierce Fitness ATX exists as a support community first! Welcome! I am Leslie and would love to Put some FIRE in your Fit!


Fierce Fitness ATX classes are fun, energetic, and designed for all bodies to enjoy! Currently, available in both live and virtual formats, click below to see class descriptions and availability. Stay tuned for the launch of Fierce Fitness ATX on Patreon in January 2021!

For more general information on health and wellness topics, please visit our blog.

Single Classes

$12 – $15

Virtual Classes

Membership Options

$5 – $35

On-demand content and live, virtual classes. Choose your access tier!



A guide to accepting your body today!

Fierce Fitness ATX

Founded in 2016 by Leslie Jordan Garcia, FFATX has created a community of supportive and like-energy fitness enthusiasts and health seekers.

Do you have questions about our offerings?


  • Monday – Tone N Trap HERE!
  • Wednesday – Cardio Dance HERE! Coming Dec 2nd!
  • On-Demand Membership HERE! Coming January 15th!

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